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septic tank pumping comox valley & campbell river

Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential

for the long-term health of your septic system

Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential. Septic Tank pumping is a routine maintenance task and the most basic service you’ll need every 2-5 years.


Does your septic tank need to be pumped?


septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years.

The frequency of pumping depends on the sludge and scum level inside the tank. Average household septic should be inspected every 3 years by one of our septic technicians.

Why should I pump my tank?

superior septic services

When you book with GC Septic N Drain,  you can expect a uniformed technician to arrive at your home on time and prepared to address the problem. During every septic tank pump, we assess the condition of your tank,lids, baffles, and walls.

If your outlet has an effluent filter it will be serviced, pump chambers and components will be inspected to ensure correct operation.

Pumping prices are subject to to change based on volume.

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